5 ways to make your static caravan holidays in the Lake District truly memorable

Alongside rest and relaxation, one of the main reasons people go on holiday is to make happy memories.

Whether you’re embarking upon a solo trip of self-discovery, a romantic escape with a loved one or devising a big family excursion, static caravan holidays are the perfect choice for making memories in the Lake District.

Not only is the Lake District voted one of the best places to go on holiday in England, but our static caravans at North Lakes Country Park have everything you need to make your stay all the more special, whatever time of year you visit.

With that in mind, we’ve shared five unique ways to make your static caravan holidays in the Lake District as memorable as possible below…

5 ways to make holiday memories in the Lake District

1. Try something new

Nothing stays in the mind and boosts happiness quite like the first time you try something – and when better to try something new than during your holiday?

Whether it’s cooking a new meal you haven’t had a chance to try yet in your static caravan kitchen, visiting one of the Lakes’ exciting nearby attractions or something else entirely, there are many things both your caravan and the local area can offer you.

If you’d like some ideas of what you can get up to near North Lakes Country Park and other parts of the Lake District, be sure to visit our Things to Do page!

2. Put your phone down

In a world overrun by social media and technology, it’s all too easy to get distracted by what’s happening on our screens instead of paying attention to the world around us – even when we’re on holiday!

Sadly, this means you can end up missing out on some fantastic holiday moments – from something as simple as your children playing “the floor is lava!” in your caravan living room to a beautiful sunset over one of the nearby Lakes.

So, to give yourself the best possible chance of making holiday memories in the Lake District, be sure to leave your everyday tech at home (or at least in your pocket!), and focus on enjoying the world around you!

3. Take lots of photographs

Holiday snaps are one of the best ways to capture memories of your static caravan holidays in the Lake District!

Grab yourself a few disposable or instant print cameras (or a digital one that doesn’t connect to the internet, so that you’re still following tip two!), and snap away all your favourite moments of the holiday – from family portraits on your caravan veranda to the Lake District’s many stunning landscapes and more.

You could even bring a scrapbook with you to stick the photos in as you go, so that when it’s time to head home, you’ll have something to help you relive the holiday experience as often as you like!

4. Have a day in (or two) to relax

Relaxation plays a huge part in making holidays memorable – so be sure to use a day or two of your trip to take advantage of your static caravan’s provided comforts, and have a rest from all your adventures around the Lakes. Adding a few more comfort features to your space can be a great way to do this, too!

While our static caravans for sale at North Lakes are already designed with comfort in mind – from steaming hot showers to feather-soft cushions and more – they’re also made to be adaptable to your needs, so you can make your surroundings as aesthetically pleasing and cosy as you like.

5. Live in the moment

As humans, we have a tendency to think about “the next thing,” even when we’re enjoying what we’re doing at the time. Like being distracted by technology, this means we can end up missing out on some fantastic holiday moments!

So, whatever you’re doing, be sure to stop every now and again and take a moment to appreciate it. Focus on your senses; from the super soft feel of your static caravan bed to the taste of the food you order at a restaurant, and the smell of the fresh, clean air surrounding the Lakes to the inspiring sights of nature around you.

This kind of mindfulness has been shown to boost memory, so it’s the perfect way to ensure your trip stays with you for the long term. It’ll also help you to truly relax and fully enjoy that holiday feeling, too!

At North Lakes, helping you make amazing holiday memories is our ultimate goal

In fact, we’re known to be one of the best holiday parks in the Lake District for that reason – among many others.

So, if you’re planning to embark upon regular static caravan holidays in the Lake District, be sure to get in touch to arrange a viewing of our caravans for sale at North Lakes  and start making holiday memories in the Lake District today. We’d be delighted to show you around!

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